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Companies like stock trading companies and agents must use this page to advertise their business.

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Companies Name
A to Z Money Changer Oriental Exchange Asian Securities Ltd
A.R.K. Exchange Paracha Exchange Co. Bawa Securities Pvt Ltd
Aakara Money Changer Pearl Exchange BMA Capital Management Ltd
Agha Money Changer Polani’s Pvt Ltd Continental Capital Management Pvt Ltd
Aghas International Exchange Welcome Money Changer Cresent Brokerage & Investment Services
Ahmed Suleman Enterprises Zaveri Exchange Dalal Securities Pvt Ltd
Al-Falah Exchange Al – Meezan Eastern Capital Ltd
Al-Rahim International Exchange Al-Meezan Mutual Fawad Yusuf Securities Pvt Ltd
Barkatti Money Exchange Asian St. FDM Capital Securities Pvt Ltd
Bostan International BSJS Balene Finex Securities Ltd
Bukhari International Cap MF First Capital Equities Ltd
Chanda & Co KASP Premier Fortune Securities Ltd
Cheema InternationalCrown N I T I.I Kodvavi Securities Pvt Ltd
Galaxy International Safeway I.Puri Securities
Gohdra International Tri Star Indosuez W.I. Carr Securities Pak. Pvt Ltd
H.I.Money Changer Uni Trust of Pakistan ING Baring Securities Pakistan Pvt Ltd
Harat International ACE Securities Pvt Ltd International Investment & Financial Service Ltd
IMC International Money Changer Adam Securities Pvt Ltd Invest Capital & Securities Pvt Ltd
Khamisani Sons AHKD Securities Pvt Ltd Iqbal Usman Kodvavi Securities
Khanani and Kalia Akhai Securities Pvt Ltd Jan Mohammad A. Latif Nini & Sons Pvt Ltd
Mawarid Exchange Al-Mal Securities & Services Ltd Jardine Fleming Pakistan Broking Pvt Ltd
Money Master AMZ Securities Pvt Ltd Javed Omer Vohra & Co Ltd
Lakhani Securities Pvt Ltd M.B.J Securities Pvt Ltd M.M.S Capital Securities
MAC Securities Pvt Ltd Malik Rafi & Co Pvt Ltd MAN Securities Pvt Ltd
Mars Securities Pvt Ltd Memon Securities Pvt Ltd Metro Securities Pvt. Ltd
New World Wide Money Exchange Arif Habib Securities Ltd Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari & Co. Ltd
Moosa Noor Mohammad, Shahzada & Co Pvt Ltd Moosani Securities Pvt Ltd MRA Securities Pvt Ltd
Multiline Securities Pvt Ltd Munaf Sattar Securities Pvt Ltd National Finance & Investment Services Ltd
Oriental Securities Pvt Ltd Prudential Securities Ltd Ramada Securities & Derivaties Ltd
Sakarwala Capital Securities Salim Chamdia Securities SAZ Capital Securities Pvt Ltd
Security Investment Bank Ltd Westminster & Eastern Financial Services Ltd Zafar Moti Capital Securities
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